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Cutting Heads

IPP Solutions is offering numerous different models of Cutter Heads for most of the cutters available on the market.  If you cannot locate your cutter in our catalog, advise us and we will be able to locate an adaptor that will enable you to use our Cutter Heads with your cutter. 

IPP Solutions offers the N-Tec II Premium line of heads; which have diamond tooling for high-performance material removal with a long service life.  These heads process all materials, including: Roots, Concrete; Vitrified clay; Deposits & Fouling; Cast Iron; and even Reinforced Concrete.  The N-Tec II line also processes all these materials with diamond tooling but are an outstanding value. 

In addition, IPP Solutions offers LinerCUT Pro models, which provide an innovative PCD cutting tool for fast and precise openings of CIPP liners.  These heads are limited to use with CIPP liners or PVC, but are a prime option for reinstatement after lining mains or laterals.  The Black Line of heads is also available, which consist of a high tech PCD tooling with an unbeatable cutting performance rate.   These heads allow for material removal of most materials except Reinforced Concrete. 

Finally, there is the HM-Line, a Carbide-Granulated Faced Tool for eye-pleasing finishes.  Also, IPP Solutions offers various functional accessories. 

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