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IPP Solutions Oct 2023 Newsletter

Company Highlights

Here are just a few of the latest developments that we have been part of

A Multi-Million-Dollar Project

We are thrilled to receive the green light for a multi-milliondollar project in collaboration with Hawaiian Spray Lining. Notably, we've recently reached a major milestone by wrapping up a spray-lining project picturesque city of Honolulu

A Partnership for the Ages

IPP Solutions has established strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including Brawoliner for Cured-in-Place (CIPP) liners, which includes their cutting-edge UV light system

Taking the Guesswork Out

Another noteworthy collaboration we have made recently is with CustomEyes, leading provider of state-of-the-art inspection camera technology. This partnership empowers our customers to customize and repair their rigid sewer inspection camera systems as needed

"A Momentous Sale in The Golden State"

In a historic development for IPP Solutions, we are pleased to share that we have recently secured the sale of a PipeCaster Pro Spray Lining System to the renowned Pechanga Resort & Casino, one of the California's largest casinos. We eagerly anticipate learning more about their upcoming projects utilizing their newly acquired system in the days ahead


This Month's Special

Use the promo code OCTOBERSPECIAL10 and visit our online shop to take advantage of our great offer!

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support and partnership. Your trust and confidence in us fuel our relentless dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence in all of our products and services

A Look At The Products We Offer

5 Brawo Magnavity SX (1).gif

Brawo UV light - Magnavity SX

The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96/192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 60-metre-long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction unit, and a control box

Contact us today to learn more!

4 Brawoliner (1).gif


We are a top trenchless rehabilitation systems provider, offering everything from liners and resin to installation equipment. Count on us for dependable solutions for challenging wastewater pipe issues.

Find out more about our innovative BRAWO® SYSTEMS solutions today.

2 CustomEyes (1).gif


Take the guesswork out of inspections and ensure precision with CustomEyes. The 200' Color Self-Leveling Pan & Tilt Inspection Camera Reel is a cutting-edge system that boasts a generously sized camera head for crystal-clear imaging and unrivaled visibility.

Given their 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt capabilities, you can effortlessly explore every nook and cranny of your pipes, making spotting repairs a breeze!

1 Renssi (1).gif


Contact us to explore our selection of Renssi products today. Elevate your drain cleaning experience with their top-of-the-line drain cleaning equipment, including our cutting-edge RCMMachines. The powerful cleaning units are designed to expertly rotate chain tools within pipes at the required speed, ensuring unmatched precision in clearing clogs and blockages.

We also offer a comprehensive range of solutions to keep your drains flowing freely, so you can experience the ultimate in drain maintenance efficiency

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