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Premium Trenchless Rehabilitation Solutions


Discover the Future of Pipe Rehabilitation with BRAWO® SYSTEMS

Discover the efficiency and reliability of BRAWOLINER® and BRAWO® Magnavity SX from BRAWO® SYSTEMS, leaders in trenchless pipe solutions.

BRAWOLINER® is the premier choice for drain pipe lining and sewer pipe lining systems. Engineered for versatility and durability, this drain pipe liner is perfect for no-dig trenchless pipe rehabilitation, offering a seamless solution for residential sewer line repair and sewage pipe lining.

Revolutionary Sewer Pipe Relining


  • Innovative Trenchless Technologies: Our products are at the forefront of American trenchless technologies, providing top-tier solutions for sewer drain lining and pipe line plumbing.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Complete pipe lining systems for effective and durable trenchless pipe lining.

  • Cost-Effective Equipment: Our pipe lining equipment cost is competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

  • Expert Support: We offer full support and guidance on using our sewer lining equipment and other trenchless pipe solutions.


Transform Your Pipe Rehabilitation Projects

Durable, Cost-effective, and Eco-friendly Sewer Pipe Relining Products

BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers seamless textile liners for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes.

The BRAWOLINER® are extremely flexible due to their special loop construction. This makes them the ideal renovation solution for defective pipes with bends of up to 90° and up to two dimensional changes. BRAWOLINER® have a working life of over 50 years, offering a economic and environmentally-friendly alternative to open construction work!

The standard for repairing defective drains
  • From 50 to 250 mm (2“ to 10“)

  • Bends of up to 90°

  • One dimensional change

Liner for dimensional
  • From 70 to 100 mm (3“ to 4“)

  • From 100 to 150 mm (4“ to 6“)

  • From 150 to 225 mm (6“ to 8“)

  • From 200 to 300 mm

  • From 300 to 400 mm (12“ to 16“)

  • Bends of up to 90°

BRAWO® Magnavity SX
– Smart. Efficient. Strong.

This state-of-the-art machine, Magnavity SX, offers precision and power for efficient and accurate application of BRAWOLINER® liners. It is designed for optimal control, making it a crucial tool for professionals seeking top-tier results. The new light curing system includes an intelligent LED head, a 196 ft. long combination hose, a retraction unit, and a control box. The Magnavity SX is CB and NRTL certified, meeting the technical requirements of most countries in the world. The larger 10" touchscreen panel makes operation even more convenient.



  • Exchangeable LED heads with integrated operating hours monitoring

  • Installation log and interface to mobile end device (USB, W-LAN)

  • Reversible dual camera

  • Intelligent LED heads with integrated magnetic coupling for electromagnetic remote unlocking

  • Plug & Play: Automatic recognition of the LED head used



  • Low power consumption with high light output

  • 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency

  • Saves a complete operation, only one access point necessary

  • “Turtle” function for safe curing in the inlet area



  • Very fast curing 

  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° possible from DN 100

  • Easy transportation thanks to modular, lightweight construction

Introducing BRAWO® UVPox US:

- The First Pigmented Light-Curing Epoxy Resin on the Market

BRAWO® UVPox US stands out as the first pigmented light-curing epoxy resin available in the US. This advanced resin, designed for use with the BRAWOLINER®, leverages UV and LED light for innovative curing processes. Traditionally, light curing required additional steps such as installing a liner end collar to close the annular gap or a connection collar for watertight connections of side inlets. These steps are now optional, leading to significant time and cost savings.

The resin's extended processing time allows for high installation reliability and precise control over rapid curing through light exposure. Additionally, BRAWO® UVPox US is styrene-free and emits low odor, ensuring a more pleasant working environment.

Benefits of BRAWO® UVPox US:
  • Secure Fit: Ensures a positive fit in the old pipe, preventing water penetration behind the liner.

  • Mechanical Excellence: Exhibits outstanding mechanical properties.

  • Installation Reliability: Offers an extremely long processing time for reliable installation.

  • Visual Verification: Colored resin allows for optical checks.

  • Fast Curing: Enables targeted, rapid curing.

  • Eco-Friendly: Styrene-free and low odor.

  • Optimal Performance: Ideal for use with the BRAWO® Magnavity SX light curing system.

View Chart for Resin Consumption / Curing
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Ready to upgrade your pipe rehabilitation capabilities?

Transform your pipe rehabilitation projects with the exceptional performance of BRAWOLINER® and BRAWO® Magnavity SX.

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