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InVision LD SUP
InVision LD SUP

Drain/pipe Inspection Camera System

with 40m (or 50m, 60m) cable


Camera Head

  • Material: #304 Stainless Steel

  • Dimension: 38mm×81mm(Main body)

  • Sensor: 1/3” Sony CCD, 480 TV Lines

  • View Angle: 120°

  • Focal Distance: 12-120cm

  • Two Roller Skids, Mini one at dia.72mm, another universal skid at dia. 115-250mm

  • LEDs: 12pcs high light LEDs

  • Waterproof: Max. 20m under water

  • Built-in 512Hz Sonde (optional)

  • With self-leveling feature

Mini Roller Skid, ( Dia. 70mm)
for pipe dia. 75mm-120mm



  • Cable dia. 6.8 mm

  • Cable length: 40/50/60m optional


  • 7” LCD color TFT LCD

  • With universal installation brackets

  • SD Card slot to store still pictures or videos

  • One push record button

  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours

  • On-Screen date and time

  • On-screen meter/ft. distance display

InVision LD SUP.png
InVision LD SUP-2.png


Universal Roller Skid, dia.120mm ( Min.) 250mm ( Max.) for pipe dia. 125mm-300mm


Optional Camera Skids


Optional Keyboard for Text Input

InVision LD Sup Pipe Inspection Camera is designed for larger diameter pipes.  It comes with a 40 meter (131’), 50 meter (164’), and 60 meter (197’) fiberglass push-pull cable that is 6.8mm (1/4”) in diameter.  The extra strength of the cable allows it to be pushed further, yet it still retains its flexibility. 

The camera is a 1/3” Sony CC Video Camera that has a 38mm (1.5”) diameter with a 120º view angle.  It has a focal distance of 12 to 120cm (4.7” to 4’).  It has a self-leveling feature, with two different roller skids depending on the diameter of the pipe.  It also has adjustable 12pcs high light LEDs for superb lighting inside the pipe.  It is waterproof up to 20meters (66’).  There is the option to add a 512Hz Sonde transmitter. 

InVision LD Sup Pipe Inspection Camera comes with a 7” color TFT LCD Monitor with a built in DVR feature.  It has a SD Card slot to store still pictures or videos.  There is a one push record button.  The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours.  The screen has a date and time display, as well as an on screen meter/ft. distance display.  It also comes with a wireless keyboard for text input. 

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