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PipeCast Flex Aqua

Fastest curing epoxy resin in the industry.

NSF61 Approved.
California green book approved.

High chemical resistance.

PipeCast Flex Aqua  is a 1A:1B by volume, “Bio-based”, 100% solids, zero V.O.C., Patented “Tri-Hybrid novolac epoxy/polyurethane” coating designed for use in applications that require the increased chemical resistance of an epoxy and the speed of cure that a polyurethane provides.
PipeCast Flex Aqua is surface tolerant and is hydrophobic to provide excellent waterproofing properties and adhesion.
PipeCast Flex Aqua adheres well to properly prepared concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, composites and many other substrates.

Typical Uses

  • Concrete or Steel Water/Waste Water Lining

  • USDA BioPreferred certified bio based product

  • Primary and Secondary Containment

  • NSF /ANSI Standard 61 Potable Water Tanks, Reservoirs, Basins and Pipes

  • Meets AWWA 222

  • U.S.D.A. - FSIS Acceptable

For Additional info Download data sheets here:
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