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PipeCast EXT Plus LB is a two-component, 1:1 ratio, rapid curing, elastomeric structural lining system developed for high build applications. Specifically designed for potable water applications, PipeCast EXT Plus LB has passed the rigorous testing requirements of the NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Section 5 for pipes with a minimum diameter of 10” or larger, and tanks 20k gallons or larger when installed per its respective scope and guidelines1. This hybrid system is sprayed with high pressure plural component spray equipment and can also be sprayed with a cartridge gun for repairs. Thickness of the lining will vary depending on the application.

PipeCast EXT Plus LB - Part B

SKU: 70814
    • Complies with NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Section 5
    • High build cross sections
    • Robust application window with ability to spray at low temperatures and high humidity
    • High physical properties including tensile, tear, and compressive properties
    • Excellent leveling properties, impact resistance, and chemical/corrosion resistance
    • Bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension with proper surface preparation, including metals, woods, concrete, fiberglass and geotextiles
    • 100% solids, zero VOCs, no solvents.
    • Sells by 5 Gallon.